I am constantly learning and seeking out the most credible and valuable information about food and nutrition. My focus is on creating health through eating simple and delicious whole foods and eliminating as many processed and refined foods as possible.

I am also interested in sustainability and environmental responsibility. Food justice and access to healthy whole foods are tied into sustainability — it’s just not sustainable for a select group of people to be healthy while others sharing the same planet are not.

This site features great recipes I’ve tested in my own kitchen for a wide range of foods. It’s also full of nutrition and health information. I hope you enjoy my recipes and find other useful information here.

I am the nutrition columnist at Civil Eats, where I write on food, nutrition, and the way the industrial food industry affects our food system and our health. My writing also appears regularly on The Huffington Post and Grist.

Please see more of my writing at: kristinwartman.com

One response to “About

  1. I love it! It’s always good to see a fellow foodie who cares about where and how her food arrives at her table (and high-five re: your educational background – I’m a women’s studies major).

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